Garage Door Spring Repair in Greater Wasatch Front, UT

If you suspect you have a broken garage door spring, contact Beacon Garage Doors for professional garage door spring repair. We serve homes in Weber County, UT, and have the experience to repair or replace your garage door springs quickly and safely.

Attempting to fix your garage door springs on your own can be dangerous. Springs hold a lot of tension and can snap or break unexpectedly when worn out or damaged, which can cause serious injuries. Allow our team to handle your residential garage door spring repair to prevent any accidents.


How to Spot a Broken Garage Door Spring

A broken garage door spring is usually fairly easy to identify. Your door will have difficulties opening and closing, and a visual inspection of your springs will reveal warping or gaps between the coils. Depending on whether you have torsion springs or extension springs, you’ll need to look in different places in your garage.

Torsion springs are always installed above your garage door and extend and contract when opening and closing the door. Extension springs are attached to the counterbalance assembly on your garage ceiling and contract when your garage door is opened. These should be attached to a safety cable to prevent them from flying off the shaft if they break.

Both types of springs should function properly for at least 10,000 cycles, but this depends on the environment and how well the springs are maintained.


When to Call Us for Garage Door Spring Repair

If your garage door springs look damaged or warped, you should give the professionals at Beacon Garage Doors a call. Other signs of a broken or damaged garage door spring include:

  • Your garage door opener struggles to lift the door
  • Your garage door leans to one side
  • Your garage door is unbalanced
  • Your garage door makes loud noises when closing
  • Your garage door’s cables are slack or unattached

If you notice any of these signs, contact us even if your springs look normal. We can quickly diagnose the problem and provide maintenance and repair services for any aspect of your garage door.