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Frequently Asked Questions - Garage Door Opener Repair

Yes. We have experience in most commercial applications including sectional, rolling, sheet style, and operators.
Yes. We have years of experience in residential new construction, residential retrofit, and commercial installations.
Yes. We have several maintenance packages available and the experience to keep your garage doors running properly and safely for many years.
Yes. Our service technicians carry multiple sizes to match the weight and size of your door so the new springs balance your door properly.
Yes. Standard springs are rated for 10,000 cycles, we have long life springs available in 15,000, 25,000, and even 50,000 cycles available. Proper maintenance can also help even standard cycle spring last longer.
That depends on your personal situation. We have many options to suit your personal needs like high use, long life, ultra quiet, heavy duty, Wi-Fi capable, or low profile.
Yes. We have the ability to make 95% of the existing operators on the market work with your phone.
Headroom is the distance above the garage door opening that is necessary space for the garage door to move into as it raises. Standard requirement for normal operation is 12 inches.
We offer service, repair, sales, new construction installation, existing home retrofit installation, full consultation, and commercial installation and repair services.
Yes. Manufacturer recommended maintenance is once a year to be done by a qualified service technician.
An insulated garage door is one that has the hollow backing filled with polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. This increases the R value and helps keep the cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer.
There are many types of garage doors to fit the many types of home designs on the market. Doors function differently also, like one piece slab, sectional, bi fold, or rolling. Insulation changes from non-insulated all the way up to high R-17 insulated doors.
Yes. If 1 or 2 sections become damaged, it is very easy and sometimes more cost effective to replace a few sections instead of the whole door.
Yes. We have many options and designs available for your door.
Call a professional. It may be a simple fix, but it may also be quite dangerous. Many times, a garage door is stuck because it has a problem with the torsion spring system and that is very dangerous to attempt to repair on your own.
Usually, a door is loud because of a lack of maintenance and worn parts. Most of the time this can be repaired simply and cheaply.
Most repairs can be performed in less than 2 hours.
Cost is determined by size, construction materials, and design. Call us for a free consultation to determine what fits your application and budget the best.
Absolutely. Windows add a lot of natural light to an otherwise dark garage space.
Yes. Wood is a unique building material that allows for a lot of customization.
Yes. Glass garage doors are built with aluminum or vinyl frames to handle all weather applications.
We install Amarr, 1st UDT, Northwest, and Wayne Dalton. We carry parts to service all other brands including CHI, Haas, Clopay, Overhead, Martin, etc.
Most of the time it is a sensor malfunction. There are 2 different sensors that can cause fault, the pressure sensor and the safety beam sensor. We can quickly determine which is at fault and repair it easily.
Call us. We can find the problem quickly and easily. Repeated attempts to open the door if it has a problem can result in further damage to the door and motor leading to it needing to be replaced instead of repaired.
Yes. Our service technicians will arrive with a fully stocked and supplied truck with many options available.
Garage door openers have many sensors but most are referring to the sensors mounted6 inches above the floor on the sides of the garage door. The sensors prevent the door from closing on any object in it’s path.
Most of the time it is to indicate that there has been a fault in the normal opening and closing operation of the door.
Many. We service all of the major brands on the market. We install Liftmaster / Chamberlain products but can get most any brand at customer request.
Any motor with a DC powered motor and belt drive. We recommend the Liftmaster 87504.
Wall mounted door openers eliminate the traditional overhead motor and rail assembly and mount directly to the torsion assembly on the wall. Talk with one of our professionals today to see if this option will work for you.
Smart garage door openers are motors that have enhanced abilities such as Wi-Fi, home automation integration, and cameras.
Yes, but not as important as having a properly balanced and functioning garage door. A ½ HP garage door opener can lift the majority of doors on the market, if they are working properly.

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