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Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair

Is your garage door stuck in place or does it reverse direction as soon as it gets close to the ground? You might have a fault with your commercial garage door opener if you start to notice unexpected door performance issues, such as the system failing to open and close as directed.

Commercial operators are crucial components of garage door machinery because faulty settings or deteriorated hardware can pose safety and security hazards and have a detrimental effect on your business’s daily operations and bottom line.

Contact the local professionals and garage door repair specialists at Beacon Garage Doors right away if you require commercial garage door opener repair in Utah.

The repair process will involve identifying the root of your opening and shutting problems with an inspection of the commercial garage door opener in Utah needing repair. Repair work on the malfunctioning garage door opener will follow to complete the task at hand.


A garage door opener is made up of many different components. So don’t attempt to repair your opener yourself if you think it’s not running as efficiently as it should. It is easy for you to aggravate the damage, necessitating unnecessary repairs or even replacement of the garage door opener.

Our garage door experts are trained to recognize issues with every component of a garage opener. If we determine that repairing certain components of your garage door opener is cost-effective for you, we will do so.

Openers that aren’t working properly sometimes have very basic causes. Checking and making sure that the operator is still hooked in and your business is still receiving power will be sufficient to resolve the issue if your commercial garage door won’t open or shut as needed.

Sometimes, the disconnect switch has been turned on, which is another straightforward fix for a faulty opener. For overhead trolley openers, the problem can be resolved by simply reattaching the operator to the door, and for jackshaft openers, making sure the emergency release hasn’t been activated.

Give us a call if you are facing any of these issues, and we’ll send a skilled expert to your home as soon as we can to prevent further harm to your garage door and its parts.


Repair problems left unattended can get worse over time and put more strain on other components of your commercial garage door system. When doors are left open, it might compromise security or suddenly collapse, inflicting serious harm to people and property. For untrained repairmen, garage door repairs can be extremely dangerous, time-consuming, and expensive.

For this reason, it is always preferable to make a straightforward service call to a reliable commercial garage door opener repair Layton Utah service. With the necessary tools and experience, the local specialists at Beacon Garage Doors can repair commercial garage doors properly the first time, saving your business both time and money.

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