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New Residential Garage Door Installation

Around a third of a home’s facade is typically made up of garage doors. How does your garage reflect on your house? If the response is something like “old, ugly, or ragged,” it may be necessary to get a new residential garage door installation.

A simple and inexpensive way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home is to upgrade your garage door. Additional advantages of a new garage door include increased security and soundproofing.

Beacon Garage Doors can help you whether you want to finally upgrade an outdated automatic door or merely replace a conventional garage door. We are ready to help you whether you need a new garage door installation Utah, a new garage door installation Ogden Utah, or a new garage door installation Salt Lake City Utah.

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Repairing your garage doors can keep them functioning properly, but replacing them will give your house a completely different appearance. You have many options to fit your style, including traditional doors, rustic appearances, and modern designs.
A sturdy garage door that operates smoothly and efficiently can help increase the security of your home. You may stylishly improve your property and safety with new residential garage door installation in Utah, high-quality components, and skilled labor.
Insulated garage doors are another benefit since they give you better temperature regulation in your garage, allowing you to make it one of your home’s largest usable spaces while simultaneously raising its value and lowering energy expenditures.
Beacon Garage Doors can make it simpler for you to upgrade your home with expert new residential garage door installation in Utah. With us, you have a wide range of options to fit your style, including traditional doors, rustic appearances, and modern designs.


About a third of the front of the house is taken up by garage doors. Therefore, you should ensure that your garage door blends in with the other exterior components of your house. The appearance of the home is unbalanced if they are in contradiction to one another.
You must select a garage door in a shade that synchronizes with the other external components of your property to maintain the curb appeal of your house. To highlight your new garage door and make it the house’s main centerpiece, you could even add some outdoor lights.
Trust the experts at Beacon Garage Doors if you’re interested in upgrading your garage door to improve the curb appeal of your house. We provide a selection of garage doors for purchase, and we’ll also manage the installation.


Are you planning to convert your garage into a cozy and functional room, such as a home office, a private gym, or a workspace for your hobbies or crafts?

As a solution, we are pleased to provide insulated new residential garage door installation Utah. Insulated garage doors give you better temperature control in your garage, enabling you to make it one of your home's largest usable spaces while also raising its market value and lowering energy expenditures.

Did you know that properly insulating your garage can save energy costs significantly?

If your garage door is insulated, it will almost certainly keep most of the heat in the summer and the cold out throughout the winter.

Uninsulated garage doors typically have just one metal or wood panel and provide little more than a barricade for your garage. On the other hand, insulated garage doors are made of two panes or a thin door frame that is lined with an insulating material.
Non-insulated garage doors have a very low thermal efficiency value, which is a fundamental flaw in them. In the end, it means that some of the money you spend attempting to heat your home will just be wasted come winter.
Insulated garage doors are incredibly durable because they are made of two levels of metal and are covered by insulation. The primary advantage of an insulated garage door, though, is its energy efficiency. Having an insulated garage door will allow you to keep your entire house warm when winter arrives without incurring any extra costs. It is something you don’t get with non-insulated garage doors.
It is clear that if you want to ensure that the cold air stays outside of your home during winter, insulation in your residential garage door is crucial. Polyurethane and polystyrene insulation are the two options you have. But which one is better?
Insulation for garage doors composed of polystyrene is typically manufactured with sheets and is easy to install. Polystyrene sheets are already cut into panels that fit each part of the garage door. These sheets come in a variety of thicknesses, which may have an impact on the R-value of the garage door.

You might have run across an "R-Value" unit of measure when researching various garage door types and how well they insulate. R-Value is precisely thermal resistance to heat flow. Manufacturers frequently use R-Values to display their products' energy efficiency. This figure is computed depending on the insulation's chemical composition and thickness. The idea R-value for the garage door is between 14 and 16.

R-value ratings for polystyrene typically range from R2 to R10. This type of garage door insulation is typical in DIY kits and aftermarket products and is typically less priced.

Polyurethane, which is denser than the other option but costs more, is the best insulator. R values for polyurethane range from R10 to R17.5. Polyurethane not only effectively insulates your garage, but it also gives it support and rigidity, increasing its resistance to harm. Additionally, it will reduce the noise your door makes and lessen the shaking and tremors that are caused when you open and close the door.

At Beacon Garage doors, we use Amarr garage doors. The Amarr doors are tough, low-maintenance doors that provide the utmost in energy efficiency and silent operation thanks to their triple-layer construction and exceptional insulation R-value.

As it can lower energy bills and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, our insulated garage doors will help to increase your property’s value.
Additionally, as a reputable residential garage replacement service, we guarantee your complete happiness with our outstanding craftsmanship. With new residential garage door installation Ogden Utah from the professionals at Beacon Garage Doors, you can safeguard your car and other personal belongings.
Installing a new garage door can increase your home’s value and aesthetic appeal. It also introduces better safety features to protect your kids, pets, and cars from harm.
Additionally, newer doors typically offer better insulation, which is beneficial during our chilly winters. And finally, as a precaution against break-ins, new residential garage door installation offers improved security measures.

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