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Our residential garage door repair services provide a team of experts to fix your garage doors, door openers, and related household accessories as quickly as possible. Beacon Garage Doors offers a garage door repair service that is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and can quickly fix any dysfunction or issue with your garage door.

Our highly-skilled specialists will repair any issues they find to get your garage door back in working condition as soon as possible. Our company specializes in installing and repairing residential garage doors; we are experts at what we do. We can service all garage doors and openers. You can trust us with all your residential garage door repair Utah needs.

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Whatever the problem, we can diagnose and expertly repair any garage door component. Many garage door parts, such as rollers, springs, cables, tracks, and hinges, can require some lubrication, calibration, or even replacement. We can guarantee quick and accurate fixes for all of your garage door repair Ogden concerns, no matter what is necessary to accomplish it.


One of the most crucial components of your garage door system is either your torsion springs or your lateral extension springs. Your door really cannot open or shut without them. Because of this, the torsion spring on your garage door is frequently the first thing people suspect to be the problem when it doesn’t open properly.

Springs are just one of the many components that work together to operate garage doors. Torsion and extension springs are the two types of springs used by garage doors to operate. Inspect the springs to determine whether any are broken and require expert garage door spring repair or replacement if you’re having trouble getting your door to open.

It is best to leave it to the experts at Beacon Garage Doors if you believe you have a broken garage door spring. Your broken spring can be fixed and replaced by our garage door repair specialists.


A garage door system uses two different kinds of cables. The first is referred to as a safety cable or holding cable. The fascinating function of this wire is that it stops the other, riskier cable from sailing across the room in the case of failure.
The lift cable is the perilous cable. When it comes to opening your garage door, this cable is the one that works the hardest. Its tension can be used to elevate a complete room’s wall (or, in this case, a garage door), off the ground.

You should not attempt fixing a broken garage door cable by yourself. Why? Because garage door cables are frequently under extremely high tension. Serious harm to you or your home could result if something were to go wrong while you tried to climb the learning curve.

Call the professionals at Beacon Garage Doors instead, and let us handle the legwork.

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When a garage door panel is damaged, it is often possible to simply replace that panel, but, depending on the circumstance, the cost or final appearance of the replacement panel may not be optimal. Fixing garage door panel sections should be handled on a case-by-case basis. For example, the panel may not be the only issue with the garage door system.

Garage door parts are sized and weighted for each door to ensure a secure, efficient operation. A specialist must make the repair since one panel could compromise the garage door’s overall structural strength. The garage door system’s mechanical components may still need work even though the new panel may appear nice.

The garage door must be thoroughly examined to ensure that, other than the panel, no other components are damaged. The residential garage door repair specialists at Beacon Garage Doors can help you do that.


You’re not alone if your garage door is out of track. In fact, one of the most frequent residential garage door repair problems that our specialists encounter is the out-of-track garage door.

Tracks that are misaligned or damaged can be caused by several different things. One of the most frequent causes of the improper door closing is an impediment that the safety sensors fail to detect. Garage door openers with inappropriate force settings are another frequent cause.
If you crash your garage door with your vehicle, you can cause it to go off track and require repair. For example, if you leave the garage door partially open and pull out too rapidly, the force of your vehicle may cause the door to fly off its tracks. The components of the track system are frequently the reason of garage doors deviating from their intended path. Your garage door may suddenly veer off course due to worn-out rollers on the track and broken lift wires.
Due to their weight and the amount of movement they demand, bent garage door tracks are a common sight. It is only natural for the parts to occasionally wear out or even malfunction because of how frequently they are used. As soon as possible, the bent tracks should be fixed to allow the garage door to function properly. Depending on the severity of the damage, replacing some of the bent tracks is necessary to repair a garage door.

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer can be used to straighten bent garage door tracks to fix them. If this process is unsuccessful, you may need to replace the damaged track. It is advised to contact experienced specialists if your horizontal tracks are bent because repairing those is difficult and requires professional expertise. You can also injure yourself if you try to do this yourself.

Beacon Garage Doors

At Beacon Garage Doors, our track repair experts can fix your garage door as soon as possible. Garage doors that collapse on you or your vehicle due to damaged tracks can result in catastrophic injuries or even fatalities.

We can diagnose the issue quickly, solve it, and have your garage door operating again in no time. It's that easy with us


The operation of a garage door can suffer greatly from worn rollers, and a garage door can become inoperable as a result of faulty garage doors. The garage door will function better and be quieter as a result of the replacement of the roller. Whether the rollers are damaged, broken, or malfunctioning, you need to get them quickly fixed or replaced by specialist residential garage door repair services in Utah.

It is recommended to leave the replacement of garage door rollers to a professional. Complex systems are used in garage doors. Moreover, they are under a great deal of tension and weight. DIY repairs run the risk of costly errors or, worse yet, life-threatening injuries. Obtain the assistance of a competent specialist who will have the necessary tools and knowledge if your rollers are old, worn out, or damaged.

Because they are specialists in the field, the garage door repair technicians at Beacon Garage Doors can restore your garage door in no time. A reasonably inexpensive option to keep your garage door in good condition for many years is replacing worn-out rollers; our experts can help you do that effectively.


To maintain your garage door running effectively and safely, periodic maintenance is necessary. Tune-ups and inspections shouldn’t be skipped. To perform periodic tune-ups and to service your garage door, you need specialists, like the residential garage door inspection and tune-up professionals at Beacon Garage Doors; they are trained to recognize even the smallest issues with your garage door and can provide the necessary fix.
You can count on us to do a good job because Beacon Garage Doors is among the most reliable resource for residential garage door inspections and tune-up in Utah.


The fundamental components of your garage doors must function as quickly as you do. When a sudden issue stops your garage door from moving, you need an emergency team who can arrive promptly to identify and fix the problem. Sometimes there are emergencies with garage doors. When you work with a trustworthy garage door emergency service staff like the team at Beacon Garage Doors, a garage door incident is merely a small setback.
We can provide homeowners with 24/7 emergency residential garage door repair services. We are a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and well-respected company with fully stocked service vans available to address any urgent garage door repair needs. If necessary, we may schedule an appointment right away and provide garage door repair Utah on the weekends and at night.

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