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Sounds Your Garage Door.

Your garage door is a significant investment for your home. Not only does the door provide security and privacy, but it also enhances the curb appeal of your property. However, although garage doors are designed to offer many years of trouble-free operation, the doors require adequate maintenance to troubleshoot issues before they escalate to expensive repair or replacement costs.
Sounds Your Garage Door. Among the common issues property owners may face with their garage doors is strange noises. These sounds can be anything from a simple creak to a loud bang. In many cases, the noise may result from wear and tear on the door itself or on the parts that help the door operate. Learn more about common garage door noises and the causes of the odd sounds.

Squeaking Garage Doors

A squeaky garage door mainly signifies loose metal brackets. Loose brackets may cause the door to lose balance and make noise when you open or close the door. Other signs of loose metal brackets include:



  • The garage door opener starts to act erratically
  • The garage door starts to fall off

Call a door inspection and repair professional if you notice any of these issues. The expert will establish if the brackets are repairable or if you need to replace the garage door. Don’t attempt to DIY the repair, as you may worsen the damage.

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Popping Garage Doors

A popping noise usually results from weather stripping on the bottom of the door. The stripping can become brittle and hard over time, especially during cold weather.


When the temperature changes, the stripping may contract and expand, making the door make popping sounds.


A popping sound may also signify dirty or damaged rollers. You may clean the rollers to get rid of debris. But if the rollers are rusty, the best option is to contact professionals for a roller replacement.


Loose hardware is the other potential culprit for popping sounds. As such, call a garage door repair technician as soon as you notice this odd sound. The expert will identify the real cause of the popping sound and advise you on the necessary repairs.

Creaking Garage Doors

A creaking door is often an indication of loose hardware. The main areas where you are likely to find loose hardware include:


  • Hinges
  • Springs
  • Cables
  • Pulleys


Creaking sounds may also indicate excess friction, so check if the tracks need lubrication. Also, garage door tracks may accumulate dirt and grime over time, which can cause the door to make noise when opening or closing. Contact a professional if the creaking noise persists after you lubricate or clean the tracks. The expert will identify the real problem and offer the necessary solution.

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Banging Garage Doors

A banging noise primarily results from an imbalanced door. When the garage door is not balanced, the door moves unevenly and may result in a loud banging noise. To check the garage door balance, disconnect the opener and try to open the door manually. If the door is difficult to open or close, that indicates a lack of balance, and you need to call a professional for repairs.


Banging noise may also indicate a problem with the garage door opener. If the opener is not well-maintained, it can cause the door to bang when you open or close the door.


In some cases, a banging noise may also be a sign of a broken spring. The reason is that garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and if they fail, the door will make a loud banging noise.


Call a professional as soon as possible if you hear a banging noise. The expert will inspect the door and opener and offer the necessary repairs.


Garage door noises can be annoying. And although the noises may not be a cause for alarm, let a professional inspect the door to establish the root of the sounds.

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