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For many homeowners, automatic garage door openers are both a luxury and a necessity, especially if you use your garage a lot. A garage door opener offers many benefits that make life easier while providing home security. The automatic garage door opener saves you the hassle of raising and lowering the garage door every time you get home. 

Read on to discover six main benefits of installing an automatic garage door opener.

1. Convenience

An automatic garage door minimizes your effort in everyday life. The most notable convenience is not having to carry your garage door keys with you every time you go out.

Using just the keypad code or remote, you can access your garage. You can also control the automated garage door opener using an app on your smartphone.

benefits of automatic garage doors

Automatic door openers are also efficient on bad weather days when it rains or snows. With a manual garage door opener, you will have to get out of the car to open the door. A motorized door opener, however, allows you to gain access to your garage without leaving your vehicle.

2. Lighting

Automated garage door lights are essential to safety and can make your garage more usable. Unlike old-fashioned garage doors, automatic doors come with built-in lights. 

The lights turn on and off with the door’s operation, which saves your home’s energy. The lights are beneficial at night or in bad weather to illuminate your path as your enter the garage.

3. Security

Garage security is of high importance to keep your possessions and family safe. Automated garage doors have several security features compared to manual door openers.

One is the vacation mode that disables the remote control when you are away for a business trip or summer vacation. Once activated, the door will only open through the keypad code inside. The indoor keypad feature is essential to keep out burglars that hack garage door frequencies.


Another feature is the guest mode, which eliminates the need to share your door code. The guest mode allows you to create a temporary code whenever someone needs to gain access when you are not at home, which enhances your security.

4. Energy-Efficiency

Although automatic door openers are more technical than manual ones, they do not require much power. As a result, you won’t have to spend much on electricity.

You can further reduce energy consumption by choosing the latest models that allow consumers to connect the openers to solar panels. Initial costs may be higher, but you’ll save money on your energy bills in the end.

5. Maintenance

Garage door openers require relatively little maintenance. You won’t have to worry about an automatic opener needing regular care after installation. Neither will the opener need replacement very often.

However, smart garage door openers do experience issues as well as any other piece of technology. Therefore, you should still follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule so the opener always works when you need it.

6. Cost

Initially, a new garage door opener might seem expensive. But when you consider the benefits automatic openers offer, they provide excellent value for money.

In addition, many companies offer automatic garage openers at a reasonable price. Hence, you can find one that suits any budget.

Modern concepts simplify tasks, and automatic garage door openers boast state-of-the-art technology. However, learn about the benefits first, and decide which automatic opener to install in your home. Always consult with a professional before you make any decision about your garage door, and have the expert perform any upgrades or installation instead of attempting a DIY.

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