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To better address all your garage door and garage door opener needs, Our trained professionals here at Beacon Garage Doors, LLC are committed to providing the highest quality service. Whatever it is, you can expect our team to deliver top quality work to really bring out that curb appeal out of your home. Let the best garage door company in Utah handle all your garage door matters. Beacon Garage Doors, LLC will quickly diagnose and repair even the most complicated garage door and operator problems.

Overhead garage doors generally weigh hundreds of pounds and play a critical role in guiding the opening and closing mechanism of your garage. Doors that are equipped with older equipment or doors that are not properly maintained can compromise your home. Not only is it frustrating to have a door that does not open correctly, but it could also injure your property or even worse, your loved ones. Common issues that could compromise you or your family’s safety are but are not limited to Broken Garage Door Springs, Sprung doors, and broken openers. The experts here at Beacon Garage doors can address all these safety concerns leaving you and your family safe and secure from any garage door safety issues. when you need to have your Garage door looked at for any safety concerns, don’t hesitate to call Beacon Garage Door.

Garage Door Spring and hardware specialists

Our technicians are trained in identifying, measuring, and replacing garage door springs calculated for your individual garage door balance weight. All garage doors are different and our technicians are supplied with springs and hardware made for your door so it can be repaired quickly and efficiently.



All doors are different in weight, height, and width so making sure the right spring goes on the right door is very complicated. We measure and weigh every door to get the proper balance weight and then calculate the proper spring to work correctly. One size does not fit all and the improper spring can cause major damage to the door and motor, even be a danger to your family.

Door Diagnosis

When we first arrive, we do a full and complete diagnosis on the door and motor to asses damage, wear, and manufacturer compliance. If a part is broken, we can fix it. If a part is worn or wearing down, we can give an estimated life assessment. And, if part are not within the manufacturer specifications, we can give recommendations on how to make it right.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining a garage door is almost as important as changing the batteries in the smoke detector. Regular yearly maintenance is vital in keeping the garage door and opener system working correctly and safely. We check over the entire system, fix incorrect tolerances, adjust safety settings, lubricate and grease all of the moving parts, and replace any broken or worn parts with heavy duty replacements that will provide years of reliability.



Quiet Door Optimization

Doors can get very noisy, let us help. There is no need to wake up the kids or the neighbors every time the door opens and closes. We have multiple options to make noisy, creaking, old, and rusty doors and motors move smoothly and whisper quiet. New rollers, quiet hinges, and even a new garage door opener can change your door from a nuisance to a dream.

Garage Door safety

Garage doors are the single largest moving object in your home, making sure it is safe is very important. We make sure that all of the safety sensors are working properly and safety settings are in the correct position. We inspect and insure that all of the cables are intact and winding properly and the mountings are secure. We inspect the hardware for cracks and fatigue. We verify the balance of the door to insure that it won't come down unexpectedly. We also inspect the structural integrity of the door to insure that it won't collapse and fall on you or your car.



Is there light sneaking under and around the door? That means that air, water, and bugs are freely moving in and out of the garage. Bottom weatherseal is important to keep rodents and water out, but it is also vital as a stop for the bottom of the door and keep it from rusting. The sides and top also need to be protected in order to keep winter/summer air and bugs from infiltrating the garage. We have many different options to keep your garage space comfortable year round.

our services include some or all of the following

Garage Door Tune-Up

16 point garage door tune-Up and operator optimization. Should be performed annually.

Roller Replacement

Replace all of the garage door rollers (wheels) with ultra-quiet long life vinyl rollers.

Hinge Replacement

Replace broken and worn hinges with heavy gauge commercial grade hinges.

Section Replacement

Replace or repair damaged sections with factory matching replacements. All major brands available.


Perimeter and bottom seal installation and replacement. Bottom seal or seal and aluminum astragal available. Perimeter seal available in most colors.

Off Track Service

Roller or rollers out of the track or cable off and unspooled from the drum. Includes a full tune-up.

Spring replacement

Springs replacement if fatigued or broken. Always replace springs in pairs (if equipped).

Complete Consultation

We leave all the decision making up to you with no high pressure gimmicks. We present you with an honest evaluation of your equipment and leave the decision making up to you.

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