Residential Garage Door Repair in Weber County, Davis County, & Salt Lake, UT

If you find your garage door opener not working properly, or in need of replacement, give us a call. We stand by our work and our quality customer service. Our goal is to make your experience pleasant and hassle free. We work with only the best opener brands, so you can be confident that your garage door will be reliable and working smoothly for years to come. Our Experts will arrive at your location and diagnose the issue promptly. If they determine that your garage door opener is malfunctioning, they will recommend a practical and cost-effective solution.

Garage door openers play a critical role in guiding the opening and closing mechanism of your door. Your Garage Door not working properly could compromise your home. Call Beacon Garage Doors for residential garage door opener repair in the greater Wasatch front. We can fix your garage door opener in a single visit. We can configure our products to work with your garage door and opener. Additionally, our technicians will take care of all that is needed . So, when you need to have your Garage door opener repaired, or maintained, don’t hesitate to call Beacon Garage Door. We have various garage door opener brands and components to fit every budget.

Knowledgeable Garage Door Opener Services

Garage doors include many moving parts, and problems with the garage door opener can involve any of them. If your garage door does any of the following, you may have mechanical or electronic problems:

  • Won’t respond to its remote, wall switch, or keypad
  • Won’t close or open all the way
  • Opens or closes but won’t stop running the motor
  • Has trouble opening in cold weather
  • Reverses suddenly before opening or closing all the way
  • Opens or closes very slowly

These problems can be the result of old, worn, or broken parts, or they could be the result of issues with your garage door opener’s transmitter.

Fortunately, no matter what the problem is, the team at Beacon Garage Doors has the experience to correctly diagnose and repair your garage door opener.

Prompt and Convenient Repairs

When you call us we arrive with fully stocked trucks, so we likely have the exact part you need and can finish your garage door opener repair then and there. Whether you have broken springs, worn-out bearings, a malfunctioning photo sensor, or misaligned tracks, we can provide most repairs on-site, without having to come back later.

We understand that your garage door is an important part of your home’s security and accessibility, so we strive to provide speedy repairs as quickly as you need them so you can go about your day.

Make sure to take care of your garage door with the help of Beacon Garage Doors. We provide repairs, maintenance, and new garage door installations for all of northern Utah. Contact us today to learn how we can help your garage door function smoothly.